Olive D'Nightlife

Olive D’Nightlife, Please Introduce Yourself!

Olive sauntered into our lives in high "Krampus Claus" drag. That was in November 2016 at Nightgowns, a monthly Drag showcase founded by her Sister & "Currenty F&*&ing Reiging," Sasha Velour. Her interpretation of the beast she had created, combined with Metallica, left an impression...A Very Deep One!

Our interview with Ms. D'Nightlife is a unique one. We threw our scripts to the wind & just got to know each other. We talked about her roots in Florida, how she transformed herself from a Frat Boy into a Drag Queen, her lovely husband Dewey (A.K.A Tolerates D'Nightlife), & her role in the House of Velour. 

We hope you fall in love with Olive, horns & all!