Lady Quesa'Dilla

On this episode, Robert & Daniel interview the spiciest queen in New York, Lady Quesa'Dilla. This Texas Transplant has been in New York for the last seven years, but hasn't lost a single bit of his Tejano flavor!!! A teaching artist, performance artist, and drag queen, Quesa's main focus is on feeding the children, literally and figuratively. During our dinner Kiki with him at his lovely Brooklyn brownstone, we learned how Quesa and her alter ego, Alejandro, manage to balance being a teacher by day and a fierce queen by night. In both cases, he uses his ethnicity and upbringing as a foundation for his work, channeling Tejana realness with some Maria Felix thrown in for a dash of sophistication and mystery.

We first interviewed Quesa during our live taping at the Stonewall Inn. She was so delicious that we had to come for seconds and after our latest kiki, she left us wanting thirds!! Enjoy the buffet!!!