Amanda Lepore

"The Most Expensive Body On Earth"

Amanda Lepore's literal body of work has redefined the term "self-made woman." Growing up in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, she fantasized about the world outside of her tiny, conservative enclave. It was within these confines that she began to explore her gender identity at a young age, eventually leaving her family home to live with her soon-to-be husband's family. This was the beginning of the part of Amanda's life that has often been publicized: surgeries paid for by her father-in-law, fleeing to New York, and eventually becoming the queen of New York nightlife!

In her upcoming memoir, Doll Parts, Amanda draws back the curtain to share stories few have heard. Comprised of stories gathered over the course of two years of interviews, the glossy and sexy tome pays homage to her life and work. Featuring photos from nearly 30 photographers - including 20 by her longtime friend, David LaChapelle - the book delves into the life of the very public, but equally enigmatic figure known as "the most famous transsexual in the world," a walking work of art, and our personal favorite, "La Silicona"!

Check out our interview with Amanda to get some between-the-covers "T" about Doll Parts and what secrets will be revealed when the book is released on April 18th!

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Amanda Lepore by May Lin Le Goff for Posture Magazine

Amanda Lepore by May Lin Le Goff for Posture Magazine