Annie B. Frank

Annie B. Frank Is A Drag Queen On A Mission!

A member of Providence's close-knit drag community, Annie uses her drag to educate people about all things Jewish. Yes, that's right, she's Jewish. Really, Really Jewish. In fact, Annie is so Jewish that she is known as THE JEWISH DRAG QUEEN. Ok, she gave herself that title, but who's going to challenge her?

Annie possesses an arsenal of jokes & numbers deeply rooted in her Jewish identity. While her name has occasionally offended people, its meaning is all too clear given some perspective. Being truthful - and humble - are of great importance to her. While she is unapologetic in her art, Annie will more than gladly address others' concerns, even if only to remind them that it is well within her right to use her culture to make a statement. 

We Kiki'd with Annie about her upbringing in Northern Virginia, culinary school, equal representation in queer spaces, her hairy arms, The Great British Bake Off, & much more!

Happy Hannukah!