David Ayllon

The term "Guise" is defined as "an external form, appearance, or manner of presentation, typically concealing the true nature of something." David Ayllon is challenging this definition through his fantastical & arresting photos of contemporary Drag performers.

Over the past three years,  David has produced compelling images of Drag artists such as Bob The Drag Queen, Trixie Mattel, Sasha Velour, & Shea Coulée. With a background in graphic design & a boundless imagination, his concepts involve creative lighting, adventurous rigging, & some rather unusual props. Happy Meal Barbies, toy guns, vintage telephones, & a coffin are just a handful of the items employed by David to bring his visions to life. 

We first met David after we interviewed his wife, Pissi Myles. It was Pissi who served as his first model & source of inspiration. Assigned to create a marketing campaign for a graduate school course, David used Pissi as the spokesmodel for Glare, a fictional cosmetics brand. Since then, they have become two of our closest friends. 

David is now set to have his debut gallery show, GUISE. This show is comprised of some of David's best work & presents the idea that Drag is a representation of the artist's true self rather than a costume. 

GUISE will be on view beginning on February 3 at P'OP Gallery. Make sure to RSVP at the Guise Opening Reception FaceBook page TODAY!

Design & Photo by David Ayllon

Design & Photo by David Ayllon