Free Your FEMME!

2018 Is The Year Of FEMME!

On this episode, we welcome back Corey Camperchioli, the creator, writer, & lead actor of FEMME: The Film. When we last spoke with Corey, the film's Kickstarter campaign has just been launched. Within weeks, the goal had been met two times over!

Joining us to talk about the film's upcoming release is Producer, Benno Rosenwald. The film's impact is palpable, as it challenges outdated concepts of masculinity & gender performance within the LGBT community. Corey used his own experiences as a single gay man in New York City to explore the challenges faced by those who are Femme when up against the Masc4Masc culture.

FEMME: The Film will premiere at Wicked Queer, The Boston LGBT Film Festival on March 31. CLICK HERE to purchase tickets today!

Check Out The Trailer For "Femme: The Film" Below: