Jupiter Velvet

"Realize that bodies are only a fraction of who we are" ~ Gabe Moses

Jupiter Velvet stole a spaceship & crash-landed on Earth, seeking to be an "average" American girl. However, she is anything but average. Jupiter is a complex and multi-layered character and performer, drawing her inspiration from Patrick Nagel, the Memphis Design Group and, of course, Lizzie McGuire!

Jupiter is also a fierce advocate for body positivity and trans-acceptance. A member of the Queer Scene in Miami's Wynwood District, Jupiter uses her visibility to break down pre-conceived notions of what drag should look like & confronts those who believe that "passable" is the ultimate compliment for a trans woman.

Jupiter chatted with us as she was putting the finishing touches on her look for Bushwig 2018. We discussed gender identity; her experiences growing up queer and Latinx; and the Indiegogo campaign for the documentary, "Emergence," which explores gender and drag through the profiles of six of Miami's queer performers

To read the poem referenced by Jupiter, How to Make Love to a Trans Person by Gabe Moses, CLICK HERE.

Check out the trailer for Emergence below. To DONATE to the Indiegogo campaign, CLICK HERE!