Just Communicate Already!

Freudian Slip - an unintentional error regarded as revealing subconscious feelings.

On this episode, we discuss some recent news stories that both puzzled & tickled us. Police in Madill, Oklahoma released an infographic of the top 15 most dangerous apps for children, putting Grindr front and center; a man in Berlin has been in the hospital for two weeks with an extreme case of priapism after a hook-up injected his penis with an "erection enhancer"; a mother blames her gay son for their estranged relationship while organizing a Straight Pride event; and Straight Pride co-organizer Don Grundmann humiliated himself in front of the Modesto City Council due to the ultimate Freudian slip.

We also talk about New York State's mandated sexual harassment training & setting boundaries.

In this week's Keto Korner, we share another Keto-friendly recipe: Pinche Nancy's amazing Keto Tortillas.

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