Lucy Wak A.K.A. Dusty Bahls

Lucy Wak A.K.A. Dusty Bahls is a sex toy entrepreneur, performance artist, and Drag King. A regular cast member of The Tony Soto Show, Lucy just launched T-Time Toys, a line of sex toys aimed at fulfilling the needs of the trans community. Each toy is handcrafted by Lucy herself in Chicago, using her own secret techniques and recipes. When she is not crafting high-end Platinum-Cure silicone toys, Lucy transforms into Dusty Bahls, the man everyone SHOULD be. Dusty is a rowdy showman who never fails to entertain, while maintaining a strict code of conduct and creating a safe space for his audience and fellow entertainers. 

We chat with Lucy/Dusty about the founding of T-Time Toys and the process behind creating them, how Dusty came to be, and Dusty's brand new skin suit!

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Lucy Wak A.K.A Dusty Bahls

T-Time Toys