Mariah Balenciaga

Presenting Mariah Balenciaga, aka Mariah Paris, aka Mariah Successful, aka Mug4Dayz!

Ms. Mariah grew up in a supportive and loving family, enabling her to overcome prejudice she faced growing up as a mixed race child in Gainesville, Georgia. At the age of 19, she hightailed it to Atlanta, where she became immersed in the city's vibrant ballroom scene. Having begun her ballroom education back home, she fit right in!

While well-known for being a contestant on Season 3 of RuPaul's Drag Race, Mariah was a ballroom star long before. Traditionally, most people must vie for a spot in a ballroom house. However, Mariah was scooped right off the dance floor and inducted into the House of Armani. She would later become one of the founding members of the House of Balenciaga. She is an expert in navigating the scene & a formidable queen!

On this episode, we go back in time to Mariah's roots and follow her journey from the ballroom to Drag Race and beyond!

We also answer listener questions, so keep them coming!

Photo Courtesy of MaDd

Photo Courtesy of MaDd