Miz Jade & Ryder Lickquor

The Family That Drags Together, Slays Together!

With the glitter & glamour of Bushwig still fresh in the air, we welcome back Miz Jade & interview her drag son, Ryder Lickquor. This experience was an exciting one for us, as Ryder is the first Drag King to be on the show. Having Miz Jade by his side was also a treat, as we got to explore their shady family tree.

Ryder met Jade as a High School cheerleader in Westchester. From then until now, their bond as friends developed into one akin to mother & son. With Jade's guidance & his own clear vision, Ryder keenly observed the scene & developed his aesthetic in a very organic manner. \

During our chat, we discussed the role of Drag Kings in our community, the need for diversity in queer spaces, Bushwig 2017, and much more!

Miz Jade & Ryder Lickquor Slider.jpg