Neon Calypso

Neon Calypso Is Serving Melba Moore Realness, Hennies!

We first met Neon at Bushwig 2017. Her captivating & effervescent personality drew us to her immediately. After our brief chat with her, we knew we had to have on the podcast!

Neon has lived several lives over the course of her 24 years. Constantly on the move as a child, she settled in Boston a few years ago. The frequent change of scenery helped her to become a part of the community she was in at the moment with a relative amount of ease. So, when she started exploring drag, she quickly became a familiar presence in Boston's drag scene. After nearly three years, she continues to thrive & is an outspoken advocate for the increased presence of queens of color in New England. 

Our KiKi with Neon was an uplifting experience. Not only did we cover the basics - style, drag mother, etc. -  we also delved into her childhood, life outside of drag, & what Neon does for Thanksgiving!