Misty Meaner & Mocha Lite: Part 1

Misty Meaner: The Queen of Mean!!!

On this episode, Robert & Daniel interview New York Drag Queen Misty Meaner. Misty could have been easily been Leona Helmsley's protégé, with her signature biting commentary and honesty. However, there's a kind and motherly queen under that perfectly blended makeup. She is always willing to help a baby queen cultivate their inner drag monster, as long as she's not afraid of hard work!!

Along with her partner, Mocha Lite, Misty is one half of New York's premiere drag couple and creative duo known as "Misty & Mocha." Although they come as a package deal, we learn that Misty can stand alone or beside Mocha and never be anybody other than herself. They are an artistic Tour de Force, combining drag, art, photography and makeup artistry to create some of the most memorable looks ever seen on the New York nightlife scene.

In Part One of our couples double feature, we learn all about Misty's upbringing in Long Island, her first drag performance, and why doesn't believe in drag mothers, but instead forming a drag army. There are also some surprises thrown in, so check it out!!

Check in next week for Part Two of our couples interview, where we sit down with Mocha Lite!!