Dissecting Divas: Judy Garland & Candy Darling

"Dissecting Divas" explores and breaks down the powerful and influential women that have inspired drag queens and gays alike.

Judy Darling is the modern-day embodiment of two of the 20th century's most tragic beauties, Judy Garland & Candy Darling. These women are icons of film and art, respectively, and have left a lasting impact on pop culture. Their lives were replete with extremes, both good and bad.

Judy Garland became a child star at the age of twelve and followed a bumpy trajectory of fame, alcohol, and pills. Throughout her life, she clawed at fame, fighting against the studio system that kept her prisoner and helped her attain her dreams, but at a very high price.

Candy Darling was one of Andy Warhol's Superstars. A native of Queens, Candy was a trans woman at a time when resources for trans people were far more limited than they are today. However, she dreamt of being a hollywood star and created an artifice that mirrored the beauties of the Silver Screen. It was through her involvement with Andy Warhol that Candy became an icon. Although she passed away at the age of 30, Candy will always be remembered as the Andy Warhol darling with candy floss hair, soft voice, and an irreverence for life that only a star could have.

Judy Darling has turned to Judy and Candy as inspirations for her drag and life, although with an albeit much more positive approach. In our interview, we dig deep and discover how these divas have influenced Judy and changed her life.

Judy Darling by MaDd
Judy Darling by MaDd