Ames Bexxx

Ames Bexxx is an artist who has had several lives. Growing up in Massachusetts, they attended Bridgewater University and moved to New York soon after graduation to pursue a career as a standup comedian. They worked with Howard Stern, toured the East Coast, and performed at many benefits and events. Meanwhile, they had begun to study digital photography, which is now their main form of expression and artistic output. Ames is synonymous with New York's underground nightlife scene. Their subjects include drag queens, burlesque performers, and adult film actors of all gender expressions, sexual orientations and body types.

We first met Ames after they photographed us in drag at Stonewall unbeknownst to us, capturing a side of Mary and Betty we had never seen before. As we became familiar with their work, we realized that they would be a perfect Grizzly KiKi guest because of the intimacy of the photos they produced of the very artists we ourselves were interviewing. When we approached Ames about an interview, they said yes, as long as we would be a part of their newest project, "Gorge." A series of 40 photos of subjects of their choosing, "Gorge" is best described by Ames themself:

"Gorge is a photo journey about food and obsession. In photographing a diverse group of people and food, Bexxx challenges what we consider “Gorgeous."

Our relationship with our bodies can have the ability to affect us in unhealthy ways. This is not only the story of Bexxx’ life but the story of many of our lives. We struggle daily with acceptance of perceived physical flaws.

Beauty comes in many flavors and forms"

We were honored to have been invited by Ames to participate and after we had our portraits shot, we sat down with them to discuss their life, art, and future.

Listen and find out what Ames is all about and then visit "Gorge" when it is on display at the Chelsea Eye Gallery at 157 West 19th Street from June 5 on.

Photo Courtesy of Ames Bexxx
Photo Courtesy of Ames Bexxx