On this episode, Robert & Daniel interview Brooklyn Drag Artist, Charlene!! As a performance artist, drag queen, and self-proclaimed gender deviant, she builds her performances around gender theory, with a healthy dose of shock value thrown in. One of her most memorable performances involves an act of castration performed to Britney Spears' "Til It's Gone." Charlene grew up in a conservative Christian family from Alabama, which she left behind to come to New York and study at NYU. It was here that she was able to explore the parts of herself that she was forced to hide from her family. Although no longer in contact with her immediate family (a fact which is highlighted via video projections in her "Til It's Gone" performance), she found her tribe in the artists and performers of Brooklyn and has since gathered around her a family who accepts her for who she is. Hers is a story of independence and self-acceptance.

We talk with Charlene about her family, high heels, manicures, The RuPaulilama, and the transformative power of drag!