Crystal Lubrikunt

Crystal Lubrikunt is a Drag Queen who was born out of the conservative world of academia. While at university in Brighton, England, she focused her studies on drag lip sync performance. During the course of her time at "uni," she fought to have drag recognized as a true performing art. The creation of Daniel Turrell, Crystal is the embodiment of what he strived to prove to his tutors. It took time, but the faculty was finally convinced and Crystal graduated with First Class Honours from Brighton University. While Daniel stayed at home on graduation day, it was Crystal who showed up to accept his diploma in full drag, sporting a bright green wig. Needless to say, she made a splash and appeared in local papers the next day.

Now free from the shackles of Hogwarts, she has become a lip sync assassin, performing locally and internationally for Muggles from all walks of life. Crystal is a complex yet joyful queen who is a feminist, scholar & cake lover!

Keep an eye out! She might be coming to a bar or cabaret near you!