Dusty & Marc Are Getting Married!

Dusty Ray Bottoms and Marc Singer are the most adorable power couple ever!

In 2014, we interviewed Dusty after her now-iconic performance of "Peach Plum Pear" during So You Think You Can Drag. Since then, she has thrown herself headfirst into the nightlife scene and drag is now her full-time career. Two years can really make a difference and Dusty has used this time to hone her craft and develop an aesthetic that is uniquely her own.

Alongside Dusty is her fiancé, Marc Singer (He Said YES!), who is a playwright, actor, and budding wig stylist. His support of Dusty and ability to merge his creative pursuits with hers has set the bar high for all aspiring drag husbands. In fact, he was commissioned to write a play inspired by Dusty's "Peach Plum Pear" performance. Entitled "Alice Is Burning," it draws from Alice in Wonderland and Paris is Burning, and will have Dusty in the role of Alice.

On this episode, we catch up with Dusty and have Marc on Grizzly KiKi for the very first time. We talk about their engagement, careers, upcoming projects, and play the Newlywed Game in honor of their impending nuptials!!

Photo Courtesy of David Laffe Imaging
Photo Courtesy of David Laffe Imaging

Dusty Ray Bottoms

Marc Singer