Dusty Ray Bottoms


On this episode, Robert & Daniel interview New York Drag Performer, Dusty Ray Bottoms. Hailing from Kentucky, she moved to New York four years ago to pursue an acting career. However, he soon developed the drag bug and over the past year and half, Dustin has created the character of Dusty Ray Bottoms, a resident of the fictional town of Botchville. As far as Queens go, Dusty Ray is a fully realized high concept character, with even higher hair. All you need to find her in a crowd is to look for the beautiful lollipop with cotton candy hair.

Dusty most recently competed in Paige Turner's annual New York drag competition, So You Think You Can Drag. Over the course of ten weeks, Dusty competed alongside the fiercest queens in New York, pulling out all the stops week after week. Her stand out and now-iconic performance of Peach Plum Pear, which took place during the SYTYCD finale. She performed with four Dusty clones and relived the entire competition on stage, stealing the show with a number she vows to never perform again.

Dusty is one of the nicest, most talented, and tallest queens in New York. Listen to our interview and fall in love with her!

Photo Courtesy of James Avance Photography

Photo Courtesy of James Avance Photography