Elle Emenopé

Elle Emenopé is a multi-talented artist who defies the traditional definitions and boundaries of Drag Artistry, instead choosing the title "Gender Artist." On her website, Elle explains how her unique approach to drag developed:

“I began becoming very frustrated with drag because it didn’t make sense in my mind for an art form that is supposed to be freeing and breaking the rules has now become a codified “drag queen” with specific parameters of right and wrong, dos and don’ts, and choosing an identity that you actually become stuck in."

With every look she turns out and high-concept performances that she produces in New York, Provincetown, and other cities, Elle challenges the Drag status quo. She is a stunning creature that enters every room, bar, and cabaret with the elegance of a panther and an explosion of colors.

Elle is changing the landscape of drag by breaking it down and building it back up. Listen to our interview and get to know the charming individual also known as "A Boy Named Elle."

Photo Courtesy of Shånn Treadwell
Photo Courtesy of Shånn Treadwell