Gateway Drag: Showgirls

Twenty years ago, "Showgirls," the big budget highly-anitcipated blockbuster film premiered and proved to be an enormous financial flopped. It won a record seven Razzies, made less than it cost to make, became a symbol of misogyny, and was deemed the worst movie ever made. In spite of its commercial failings, the film became a cult classic almost overnight. It's unintentional high camp factor - due in large part to Dutch director Paul Verhoven's ideas of what an American audience would want to see - guaranteed it a coveted place among the pantheon of Midnight Movies. It is currently in good company, with fellow camp classics such as "The Rocky Horror Picture Show," "Hocus Pocus." "Clueless," and "Mommie Dearest." Elizabeth Berkley and Gina Gershon's performances are pure art. As a result, "Showgirls" has left an indelible mark on movie history and gay/drag culture. Joining us to discuss the importance of the worst film ever made is former Grizzly KiKi guest, Peaches Christ. An accomplished Drag Queen, performer, and filmmaker, she has embraced all that "Showgirls" has to offer. She has also probably seen it more times than anyone else in the world. Only a few years after the film's release, she began screening the film and has made it a yearly event ever since, complete with a live pre-show, where the film's infamous scenes are recreated.

Peaches will be hosting the 18th Annual Night of 1,000 Showgirls at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco on August 8. The event will feature a pre-show starring Alaska Thunderfuck as Nomi Malone, followed by a screening of the film.To purchase tickets, CLICK HERE