Heidi Glüm

The Chicest Nightmare You've Never Had!

On this episode, Robert & Daniel interview Washington, D.C. Drag Performer Miles DeNiro, otherwise known as Heidi Glüm, possibly the most stylish queen in all of the United States. With her fierce sense of style, 20-inch waist and a shoe collection to die for, Heidi is the chicest nightmare you've never had. Heidi is a multi-talented tour de force in heels. She gives you 1940's glamour with modern styling and collaborates with artists and designers in all fields in order to create her signatures looks.

In touch with both the present and afterlife, Heidi is able to lip sync to the Top 40 hits while bringing to them an air of elegance and class befitting a vintage lady such as herself. She also has a lot to say about shoes... and "Young Sluts" beware, she can clock you from a mile away!