John Epperson A.K.A Lypsinka

Lypsinka is an icon, legend, & lip-synch pioneer. The creation of John Epperson, she is a fully-realized character borne from 1950's fashion illustrations and inspired by models such as Dovima and Veruschka. Over the years, Lypsinka has remained true to her look, but has also inspired designers such as Thierry Mugler, for whom she walked in the early 1990's. In addition, Lypsinka expresses herself through immaculately mixed sound clips sourced and constructed by John Epperson.

In our interview with John, we delved into Lypsinka's origins, and where he believed both he and she fit into the world of theater, art, and drag. John is not a drag queen, but rather an actor who portrays Lypsinka on stage and uses the art of drag to bring her to life!

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