Lady Red Couture & Jonny McGovern

Jonny McGovern's career has spanned nearly two decades. From starring in LogoTV's The Big Gay Sketch Show to his podcast, The Gayest of All Time, Jonny has consistently created high quality queer-centric entertainment in an industry that desperately needs it.

Jonny's larger than life side-kick on Hey Qween, Lady Red Couture, is a force of nature. She is a fierce Drag Queen, singer, and perfect compliment to Johnny's . Her job is to keep the children in line, as well as making sure Johnny isn't caught out wearing beat up tennis shoes. This Grande Diva extraordinaire is full of heart, beauty, and opulence.

Lady Red & Jonny are currently set to premiere the fourth season of their hugely popular show, Hey Qween. The show features interviews and segments with legendary queens & newly minted drag superstars. They have a been a huge inspiration to us and are the benchmark for what drag podcasts and web series should aspire to.

The fourth season of Hey Qween premieres on Feb. 15. CLICK HERE to subscribe to Hey Qween TV and look out for all new episodes of Hot Tea, Judge Lady Red, He's Fit, and the all-new Hey Qween, Can I Ask You a Question?

Jonny McGovern & Lady Red Couture by HNS Imagery
Jonny McGovern & Lady Red Couture by HNS Imagery