Latrice Royale

Latrice Royale is one of the Grande Dames of drag. After appearing on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 4, she was embraced by the world and is now a veritable drag icon. Her determination, drive, and zero tolerance for fuckery took her from the streets of Compton to RuPaul's Drag Race and beyond. Although the path ahead was not always a smooth one, Latrice took what she was given and used it to shape who she is today: A fierce queen, singer, and the embodiment of Drag Motherhood.

She is now on tour with her heart-wrenching one-woman show, "Here's To Life." Accompanied by her debut EP of the same name, the show is a summary of her life. Latrice draws from her favorite jazz classics to weave a truthful and dramatic re-telling of her journey from childhood to now. The viewer experience is one of catharsis - although Latrice's story is unique to her, it is one from which we all learn. It is a must-see that provides a fresh outlook on life and how to overcome the obstacles we all must face.

Check out Latrice's video for her single, Here's to Life, below: