Live at Stonewall!

On this episode, Robert and Daniel send special correspondents Mary Kona & Dolores de Mikulo to the landmark Stonewall Inn to participate in the Invasion of Alotta McGriddles. This super-sized host and former Grizzly KiKi guest brought together a group of queens to perform some extra tasty numbers. In addition to old friends Heidi Glüm & Ari Kiki, we get to interview a new queen, Lady Quesa'Dilla. This fiery latina has a lot to say & serves up looks and shows that you will never forget.

In true Grizzly KiKi style, Dolores & Mary tackled some hard-hitting issues. They gave the audience a step-by-step guide to catching Ben Affleck's brief full frontal scene in his new film, "Gone Girl", and talked about an artist in Berlin who is using Grindr as a performance art concept. Our girls were not just talking heads, giving the other seasoned Queens a run for their money with some fabulous performances!!!

Dolores & Mary made us very proud & we can't wait to book them in the future!!!

To find out more about Lady Quesa'Dilla, check out the links below!!!!

Photo by Amy Bexxx

Photo by Amy Bexxx