Logan Hardcore

Logan Hardcore is the epitome of "Head Bitch In Charge." She left her home state of Arizona at 17 for New York, where she planned to pursue a career on Broadway. Young Logan was met at the airport by none other than Epiphany, New York's resident glamour puss! She should have known right then and there that she was being picked up by the Drag Welcome Wagon! Not long after her arrival, Broadway was a mere memory. Logan Hardcore emerged from within the "Boy from Arizona" and began her career as a fully-fledged Drag Queen. She is a queen who adores makeup and isn't satisfied unless it's two inches deep and has become known for her extreme transformations. Logan has also gained a reputation for having a sharp tongue and quick wit, a result of having been roommates with Bianca del Rio. It was a survival strategy!

Since Logan is Beyoncé's #1 fan, we decided to play a little game we called, "The Beyoncé Special Olympics." Check out Logan's reactions below: