Lola Michele-Kiki

Get ready to delve into the ever-changing world of Ms. Lola Michele-Kiki!

A native of the Dominican Republic, Lola immigrated to the U.S. when she was 14 and never looked back. Her story is one that many can identify with. Having been bullied in her home country, she found that bullies stateside were the same, if not worse. After being bullied for being the "gay kid," she empowered herself by becoming one of the "mean girls," but soon grew out of that role. As a young adult, she took part in a youth program that helps teenagers channel their experiences through art and performance in order to overcome their traumas. Today, she works for that very same organization.

As a drag queen, Lola's aesthetic and style are still malleable and evolving. She began exploring drag through gender-bending looks, which have since evolved into a more traditional female aesthetic, which incorporates elements of her gender-fuck roots.

While navigating the choppy waters of NYC nightlife, Lola relied on the support of other queens in the community. However, Lola was dead set on having a drag mother - her biological mother plays the role of cheerleader and seamstress. This lucky lady would be the most motherly of New York queens, Ari Kiki. While this crooked-mouth comedy queen swore she should never have children, Lola practically mounted a political campaign to be the first daughter of The House of Kiki! After finally wearing Ari down, Lola became a full-fledged Kiki and has been hard at work becoming New York's next lovable mess.

Keep your eyes on this queen! She's tenacious, talented and fearless!

Lola Michele-Kiki by Detoxx Bústi-ae
Lola Michele-Kiki by Detoxx Bústi-ae