Pattaya Hart

On this episode, Robert and Daniel interview Drag Queen, Pattaya Hart. A self-trained dancer, aerialist, and drag queen, Pattaya moved to New York City six years ago from Bangkok. Since she arrived in the Big Apple, Pattaya has been pursuing a dual career as a drag queen and dancer. When she's not teaching dance or performing on any number of cruise ships abroad, she can be found turning the party in drag at her weekly show at Boots and Saddle Bar.

Our interview with Pattaya gave us insight into not only her journey to becoming a drag queen, but also her journey to the Untied States and her immigrant experience. Having studied in the midwest for a year in High School, Pattaya came to the U.S. with a knowledge of the culture and language. Growing up in a country where drag is not necessarily accepted as performance art, but as a third gender, Pattaya had not been exposed to the art form as she was when she moved to NY. With her experience doing stage makeup and dancing, Pattaya emerged on June 6, 2012 for the first time and has been a presence ever since.

Listen to our interview and get to know this Dancing Queen!!!