Summertime is the worst time of year for Drag Queens: makeup melts, hairstyles are sweated out, and the burden of padding can be a nightmare. This is true for just about everyone except for RagaMuffin. She was born on Pride and this year's celebration marks her one year Dragiversary!! Raga, as she is more commonly known, is a Southern Gentleman who moved to New York over two years ago to pursue his career in performance and dance. This boy from Nashville slowly but surely blossomed into the elegant Southern Lady that is RagaMuffin, making her mark on the Brooklyn drag scene. Tall, lithe, charming, and effortlessly gorgeous, Raga has a unique aesthetic that evokes images of 90's supermodels. She is a queen who doesn't pad or wear breasts, using her own body to highlight the unrealistic proportions of women's clothing - which she just happens to fit into just fine. Go Figure!!

Under the tutelage of the Certifiably Insane Thorgy Thor and Maniacal Ruby Roo, Raga has taken a foothold of This N' That Bar in Williamsburg. It is there that she can be found being held captive and forced to perform alongside the aforementioned Terrible Twosome every Monday at their show, Mondays. So, if you want to free her, visit her there and tip her generously so she can bribe John Lowther and escape!!!