RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 Ep. 8

The Library Is Still Open!

On Episode 8, only 5 queens are left and tensions are running high. After Thorgy's elimination on Episode 7, we're still mourning her departure, but this episode gave us life!! It's Puppet Challenge time and the girls go in, with Derrick & Naomi now at odds and using their puppets to throw shade at one another. The standout is ChiChi, who channels Bob perfectly!

The Maxi Challenge brings us the RuPaul Book Ball. Each queen has to present three looks: Baby Drag Realness, That's My Mama Realness, & Autobiographical Eleganza Extravaganza. They also have to choreograph and perform in a musical tribute to Amy Sedaris' iconic character from Strangers With Candy, Jerri Blank.

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