RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8 Ep. 9

RPDR S8 Ep. 9 ReCap Slider
RPDR S8 Ep. 9 ReCap Slider

Top 4!

On Episode 9, the top four queens compete in their final challenge: the music video for RuPaul's "The Realness." Bob, Naomi, Kim Chi & Chi Chi have to give their best "float-ography," an avant-garde look with improvised dancing, and high glamour at a vanity. The runway challenge then calls upon them to present their best drag to the judging panel.

There is no lunch with Ru on this episode nor does she interact with them during filming "The Realness." This was a major change from previous seasons. Is Mama Ru tired of Tic Tacs or is she consciously increasing her distance from the girls? Listen & find out what we think!

Joining us are Miz Jade, Marcus Stroman, Tos Sass (a.k.a Asia McChinky), & Joy Davis!

We also read some listener questions & comments, so drop us a line!

Stay tuned for our last recap of the season, coming out on May 20!