RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 2 Ep. 5

Revenge Of The Queens!

On Episode 5, the four eliminated queens return to fight to return to the competition! They are paired with the remaining girls and must perform in a stand-up comedy routine in front of an audience of Drag Race Alumni. Roxxxy is left on her own as the show's emcee and has to outshine her competitors in order to win.

This week, Phi Phi's place as the most-hated villain in Drag Race history is cemented. Viewers and Drag Race girls alike will most likely be left puzzled by what exactly she has done to deserve this. That is between her, RuPaul, and the Producers.

Joining us on this episode is Robert's sister, Maria. This was her first episode of Drag Race EVER and she loved it! We finally had an unbiased opinion in the house!

We also address listener questions and comments, which are becoming increasingly thought-provoking. Keep them coming!

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Photo Courtesy of LogoTV
Photo Courtesy of LogoTV