Sherry Vine

"Sherry Vine was born in The Amish country. On her 16th birthday she discovered she was adopted and actually Jewish. Running away from home, she became a “show girl” in Las Vegas....." That's what Sherry Vine would like you to believe is her origin story. That being said, it's the perfect way to describe the sense of humor being channeled through a character that has become an international sensation via her YouTube music video parodies and live performances. Although based in New York (for longer than we are allowed to reveal), Sherry has toured the world and performed with the likes of Joey Arias, Jackie Beat, Madonna, and many other mediocre queens.

We were honored to be invited into her home and record her story, which is a doozy!

Born in Florida, Miss Sherry Vine moved to Baltimore City at the age of 6 months to pursue her career as a Divine impersonator. Growing up in Baltimore was not easy for Sherry. She endured endless taunting and bullying throughout her adolescence, hiding it from her parents and finding creative ways to avoid her tormentors. However, in true "It Gets Better" fashion, Sherry survived high school and went on to enroll at the University of Baltimore, where she studied theater. Proving to her father that this truly was her path, she was able to leave Baltimore for the West Coast and go on to graduate school at USC. Sherry's trajectory was set from then on and she went from flamboyant theatre kid to the drag queen we all know and love.

Sherry's talents are many and varied, but don't ask her about hair or clothes. If she's not having fun, she's not interested. She is a comedian, singer, actress, and parody master. Listen to our interview and find out what words can't describe about Sherry Vine!!