Sir Honey Davenport

On this episode, Robert and Daniel get to know Sir Honey Davenport. A gender-defying drag artist, Honey began her journey seven years ago when she toured the world with the legendary Peppermint, a former Grizzly KiKi guest herself. At first, Honey refused to let drag knock down her door, but little by little, she embraced the art form. However, she refused to be placed in a box and developed a style of drag that was both genderfuck and pageant. The use of "Sir" in her drag name is a clear indication of this and that her performances and productions are nothing short of spectacular. Honey has spent her drag career competing in pageants, making music, and making audiences gag!! She is not only the current Reigning Miss'd America but won the title of Miss Stonewall shortly after we recorded our interview!! CONGRATULATIONS HONEY!!!

During our interview with Honey, we talk about her upbringing in Philadelphia, her drag evolution, her dragtastic wedding, and that one time her mother gave her all the money she had saved to see her in a pageant so that she could buy everything she needed to compete. The family that drags together stays together!!!!

Photo Courtesy of  Dan Lane Williams
Photo Courtesy of Dan Lane Williams