Thorgy Thor

"Thorgy Thor is a reformed Long Island girl who made her way to the mean streets of New York via SUNY Purchase, where her drag character first saw the moonlight." This is how we would ideally like to introduce this magnificent and innovative performer. However, Thorgy is a queen that defies description. A classically-trained violinist, violist, and cellist, Shane Thor Galligan (his boy drag name), has made a name for himself as New York's Chicest Clown! Thorgy began her drag career in the bars and clubs of Brooklyn, where drag has always had a loyal and exuberant following. It was in the outer borough that Thorgy was able to put on live shows that were more experimental theater than run of the mill drag performance. Over the past few years, Thorgy has made the move from Brooklyn to Manhattan, where she has become an iconic presence. You can spot her from a mile away, as she arrives to her performances in her signature jelly flats and Sean John hoodie, only to reveal some of the most carefully crafted and editorial drag looks the city has ever seen. With a drag closet that nearly engulfs her, it is no surprise that Thorgy never wears the same look more than once and has a style that is both effortless and eye-catching.

Not one to forget where she started, Thorgy has maintained and fostered her Brooklyn roots, still performing several nights a week in the venues that she calls home. She is one of few queens in the city that has managed to span the gap and be equally popular in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. Her performance and hosting venues include Hardware Bar, Industry Bar, Pieces Bar, TNT, and Metropolitan Bar.