Tina Burner

Tina Burner grew up on a Horse Farm --- It'll all make sense later, we promise ;-)...After realizing that she was far too fabulous for the sprawling fields of upstate New York, she packed her bags, saddles, and horseshoes and hitchhiked her way to the big city, where she became the conflagrant queen she is today!! (She made us write this, we promise.)

Actually, for all of her comedy and trademark funny faces, Tina Burner is a consummate professional who treats her drag as equal parts art and business. She can sew, dance, produce, and makes her own mixes (she has over 125 of them!!) With a career in nightlife that spans over thirteen years, Tina has been a fixture of the drag scene for the past five years. She is the host of Star Search at Barrucada (the longest running drag competition in New York City), was the 2012 Miss Cherry Lane & 20013 Ms. Cherry's on Fire Island, and her photograph once appears in Vogue Italia.

Tina's performance style can best be described as Bombastic, Chaotic, and Manic in the best of ways. She is high energy, high concept and just plain high (JK!)....She is also full of heart and compassion, but don't tell we let the secret out. Her main goal is to make her audience laugh and be happy. If she's done that by the end of the night, she is the happiest Queen in the world.