Toyóta Corona

Toyóta Corona is Grizzly KiKi's 100th Queen!!

Ms. Corona is a social media darling and recent Chicago transplant. Documenting her exploits with the hottest trade in town, Toyota's Trade Diaries promote sex positivity and are an important facet of her online presence and daily life. Sex & one's own body are more often than not targets for disparaging remarks instead of love and support. However, through her posts, Toyota defies all societal norms and redefines what sexual encounters are expected to be and how their value is quantified. Just search for #ToyotasTradeDiaries to see them for yourself!

While Toyota is the undisputed Mistress of Trade, her story extends beyond the confines of the virtual world. In our interview, Toyota bared her heart, sharing her journey to becoming the woman she is today. From her childhood roots in Wisconsin to embracing her gender identity, Toyota leaves no stone unturned.

We were truly blessed with this profound & moving KiKi. Toyota, Get It Girl!

Photo Courtesy of Meg Strobel
Photo Courtesy of Meg Strobel