Valentine Addams

"Pero Like, It's me Valentine!"

If Valentine Addams had it her way, she'd paint the town lavender. Born in Mexico and raised in Chicago, she's a Drag Queen obsessed with that particular shade of purple and with a face to die for! Valentine's aesthetic is ultra-feminine, body positive, and pure fantasy!

As a curvy girl, Valentine has taken matters into her own hands and creates garments that accentuate her best assets. Dressed in fashions that include leather, lace and everything in between, she becomes an intergalactic drag princess whose best friends are Sailor Moon and unicorns.

Valentine was in town for the 5th annual Buswhig drag festival and dropped by the Grizzly KiKi studio to chat with us and spill some "T" about the Chicago queens she works with!

Valentine Addams by Nestor LPhoto
Valentine Addams by Nestor LPhoto