Richard Villegas

"Ve y perfumate el sobaco con tu Axe de chocolate" ~ Sailor Fag

On this episode, we interview Richard Villegas, co-host of the Songmess podcast. Richard and his co-host, Beverly Bryan, started Songmess three years ago in order to explore their mutual passion for Latin Alternative music. Since then, they have served as one of the primary sources for discussions about and interviews with both emerging and established artists. 

Richard left New York in March of 2018 and has since relocated to Mexico City. As the epicenter of the Latin Alternative music scene, Mexico City has provided Richard with an endless array of artists to interview for Songmess and write about for the Latin media outlet, Remezcla.

We kiki with Richard about Songmess, why he left New York, life in Mexico City, and who we should be listening to!