Rify Royalty

"As Long As My Bills Are Paid & My Wigs Are Sprayed."

Rify Royalty is breaking all the rules...even when there aren't any. As one of New York's most visible Drag Queens, Rify has dipped her toes in all of nightlife's waters; Go-Go Boy, Club Kid, Drag Queen, and Party Promoter. Her aesthetic has expanded beyond the "established" boundaries of each of these roles, thus claiming her own space in New York's fickle nightlife scene. Her monthly party, "Straight Acting," now in its fourth year, actively trolls Masc4Masc culture and is a safe space where partygoers can express and enjoy themselves. Toxic behavior and outdated concepts of gender performance are not welcome.

We KiKi with Rify about growing up in New Jersey, her drag inspirations, and the claim that she only just started doing drag!