RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 Ep. 11


Does everyone really love puppets? Since Season 4, the puppet mini-challenge has become a RuPaul's Drag Race staple. On Episode 11, the top 5 Queens pluck each other out of a hole in the wall & drag them up. What a perfect opportunity to vent all those pent up frustrations. Plastic surgery jokes, green spray paint, & awkward moments abound!

This week's maxi challenge required the girls to compete in the Gayest Ball Ever, preceded by the ODDEST Pre-Show Ever - rhythmic gymnastics. Ribbon dancing is a privilege, not a right!

Kicking off Pride Month, the runway looks looks are "Rainbow-She-Beta-Do," "Sexy Unicorn," & "Village People Eleganza Extravaganza." The Queens pull out all the stops & present looks that are beautiful, thought-provoking, & personal!

Joining us on this episode is Monét X. Change!!!

RPDR S9 Episode 11 ReCap Slider.jpg