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Bushwig 2016 Part 2

Mary Kona & Betty Washburn take Grizzly KiKi to Bushwig 2016!

Now in its 5th year, the festival was held at the Knockdown Center and featured over 100 performances, a drag mall, and food galore!

This was the biggest Bushwig yet and drew Queens and performers from across the country and around the globe!

On Day 2, we talk to Miz Jade, Ragamuffin, Alotta McGriddles, Ms Ter, Jeff Poulin, Kandy Muse, MoMo Shade, Dahlia Sin, Mocha Lite, Miz Cracker, Meth, and Misty Meaner!

If you missed out on Bushwig 2016, make sure to by your tickets well in advance for Bushwig 2017!