Glam Awards

Is That a Ghost In Your Pocket?

Miz Jade is back and ready to Ki the House Down! Wth our unholy trinity reunited, we had a marvelous KiKi. The Queen of Shade recaps the 18th Annual Glam Awards for us and we introduce her to the Boulet Brothers' "Dragula" web series and the oddity that is Mariah's World!

Also on the agenda:

Being gay is not genetic. No m'am! According to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, gay men and women are possessed by ghosts! Exorcism, anyone? released a study about the sexiest part of a man's body and we have a lot to say. Curves and swerves are staples in the Grizzly KiKi household and Miz Jade is the mutha of the Haus of Thickums!

We also answer listener questions and provide you with the ultimate Holigay Survival Guide!