Riding the Subway in Drag with Bob The Drag Queen

Although we run all over New York interviewing queens and going out in drag as Betty Washburn and Mary Kona, we do so in comfort. We have only ever driven or taken cabs when in drag. Our good friend and NYC nightlife star, Bob The Drag Queen, however, takes the train to all of her gigs. In FULL DRAG! So, what better way to pop our train drag cherries than to do it with Bob herself.

Watch our latest video and experience our underground adventure as we descend into the depths of the New York City Subway in drag for the very first time. Along the way, we meet some interesting characters and learn that the fear is all in our wigs. Taking the train in drag was just like getting to our day jobs, only FIERCER!!

Bushwig 2015 Part 2

Grizzly Kiki continues talking to everyone at Bushwig, the annual Brooklyn drag festival at the Vander Ende-Onderdonk House. We chat with Mocha Lite, Thorgy Thor, Lady Havokk, Reggi Regina, Crimson Kitty, Misty Meaner, Aja, Momo Shade, Untitled Queen, Lucy Balls, Miz Jade, Jeff Poulin, Rify Royalty, Horrorchata, and Scarlet Envy.

Bushwig 2015 Part 1

Grizzly Kiki goes to Bushwig, the annual Brooklyn drag festival at the Vander Ende-Onderdonk House.

We talk to Mike Diamond, January Bones, Cameron Cole, Daphne Sumtimez, Charlene, Alotta McGriddles, Merrie Cherry, Lady Quesa'dilla, Big Dipper, and Hamm Samwich. Tune in tomorrow for Part Two!

Pride NYC 2015

In this special Pride 2015 edition of GK, Robert & Daniel March with DragMyCity and the Miss Hell's Kitchen Float. Check out the video below for interviews with the DragMyCity Girls (Dotty Spartans, Maci Sumcox, Erika Klash, The Countess Mascara, JizzaBella) and Miss Hell's Kitchen 2015, Monét X Change. We have also exclusive parade footage that we shot along the way!!