Alaska Thunderfuck: ANUS

Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 is the Queen of Chakras!! In fact, ANUS, her first full-length album, is based on her study of chakras and takes you on a journey from bottom to top, with songs such as Anus, Pussy, Beard, and This Is My Hair. ANUS is a a direct reflect of Alaska's personality - dramatic, over the top, and fun!!! We here at Grizzly KiKi can't stop listening to it, especially when we're in our car. Blasting Pussy or This Is My Hair as we're speeding down the highway is the ultimate in Decadence!!! We also discuss Alaska's support for trans rights and equality, as highlighted in her song Pussy. She stands firm behind her lyrics: I Love Hearts, Not Parts.

In the lyrics for Pussy, Alaska sings about her love of "The Golden Girls," which was also mentioned in her recent show, "The Gayest Show You've Ever Seen." Performing alongside her friend, Handsome Jeremy, Miss 5000 went on a riff about her obsession with the show and its importance in her friendship with Jeremy. She even claimed that if there were a "Golden Girls" trivia competition, she would win!!!

In true Grizzly KiKi fashion, we took the opportunity to put Alaska's claim to the test and created a "Golden Girls" trivia game just for her and broadcast it live on Periscope. Watch the video below to see how Alaska did on "Are You The Goldest Girl?"!!