Vander Von Odd

Vander Von Odd Is A Drag Supermonster!

In a world where a Drag Queen Classification System is taking hold, Vander occupies a rarified atmosphere. As the winner of The Boulet Brothers' DRAGULA: Search for the World's Next Drag Supermonster, she clawed her way to the top using blood, vomit, bones, and more blood. However, whether she was bleeding on stage or eating brains in the desert, Vander's looks and performances displayed a level of polish  typically associated with a Pageant or Beauty Queen. A Drag Supermonster doesn't just make a mess, she does it with class & intelligence. With custom-crafted looks based on Victorian and Elizabethan fashion and the vision of a horror movie director, Vander is the embodiment of The Boulet Brother's DRAGULA. In her world, the Grotesque and Beauty exist together in harmony.

Don your finest Victorian garb and make this interview an immersive experience!