Girl, Really?

"I Was Feeling Sexy, So I Started To..."

On this episode, we talk about taking a more active role in caring for our health & how to be supportive in the workplace during times of crisis. We also discussed "News That Makes You go 'Hmmmm...'": A soldier fell into a volcano while trying to get a "better" view; a man from the U.K. has a peculiar fetish involving horses; spilled gravy got an Iowa man into hot water with the Geek Squad; & Chemsex Survival Kits are providing people with safer ways to indulge in their sexual activities.

In the Keto Korner, we rave about a new recipe we discovered for Keto Bagels from Low Carb Yum. Check out the recipe HERE.

NOTE: for the bagel recipe, we used superfine almond flour instead of coconut flour. Simply replace one part coconut flour with four parts superfine almond flour.