A Kari and A Ki

Kari Kerning, Miss Barracuda 2016, returns to Grizzly KiKi! With the 2017 Miss Barracuda pageant just around the corner, Kari provides valuable insight for queens hoping to win the multi-week competition. Considering the competition involves both traditional and alternative challenges, aspiring Barracudas should heed Miss Kerning's advice!

Kari is also featured in a new documentary by Five Sisters Productions, "Kings, Queen, & In-Betweens." Focusing on the drag scene in Columbus, Ohio, KQIB addresses issues of gender, visibility, and discrimination within the drag community. It is also the first drag documentary to include performers of every gender!

The RuPaul's Drag Race Season 9 girls have been RuVealed. Listen to our thoughts on the competitors and find out who has the potential to surprise us.

In keeping with the current political climate, we also talk about coping in a post-Obama world, Trump's Black History Month Speech, Lucian Piane's "Marijuana Pyschosis," and a little game we like to call "BANNON TAKES MANHATTAN."