BibleGirl's Slumber Party

Grizzly KiKi Welcomes Back BibleGirl!

Since her last visit, BibleGirl has been at Drag Con, made a splash in Brazil, and has made the go-to site for all of your Drag Queen Merch needs!

On this episode, we catch up with Bible and talk all things Thanksgiving, Alaska Thunderfuck, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga. Her critical analyses of Glory and Joanne are enlightening and thought-provoking, while her story of how she came to be in Alaska's music video for "Anus" is a fangirl's ultimate dream. We also discuss her now-infamous episode of "Transformations" with James St. James!

BibleGirl also answers her followers burning questions and we get the "T" everyone is dying for - How does Bible stuff her Turkey?!

Photo Courtesy of MaDd
Photo Courtesy of MaDd